Our team [currently] consists of Amy Odene and James Odene, a couple based in London, UK with their daughter Eden. James has tonnes of marketing experience and an MSC in International Marketing. Amy has the field specific experience, a campaigns pro, making sure the brand is developed with strategic positioning at the forefront.

Collectively, they have supported social good causes across the globe with their service for the past five years.

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James Odene

I am a senior marketer and strategic consultant with extensive marketing experience in both B2B and charity industries and an MSC in International Marketing.

I have worked for and with a number of international animal advocacy organisations and vegan food brands alongside my work within the commercial sector, building up a firm understanding of how behavioural science and marketing can work together to optimise brand performance.


Having studied Behavioural Science for the past five years I ensure that all of my work and consultancy is both commercially sound and science-backed.

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Amy Odene

I have worked both professionally and voluntarily for social good causes for over 15 years.


I previously worked in the animal advocacy space as both Campaigns Manager for ProVeg UK contributing to a UN Momentum for Change award and Global Corporate Relations at The Humane League UK collaborating with the Open Wing Alliance to coordinate major global commitments across the food sector to free hens from cages. I have also spoken at major conferences across the world on both plant-based advocacy and the overarching global landscape of factory-farmed animals.

Amy recently co-founded Animal Ask, a charity dedicated to supporting the animal protection space with dedicated research.