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Constructing a campaign – the EAST way

EAST is a mnemonic which covers four broad principles for effective communications:

E – Make it EASY


S – Make it SOCIAL

T – Make it TIMELY

When creating communications or campaigns, what we are really trying to do is cause people to do something. The best way to do this is to make it an easy and attractive proposal, that is located in the consumer's socio-political sphere and has a time constraint so there is no delay.


Give them an ‘excuse’ to act, make it an easy and an obvious choice.


Make it seem alluring, sexy, positive.


Everyone’s doing it, those that are doing this already are successful, leaders, sexy, warriors who are having hordes of people around them think that they’re great.


It has a deadline, and it’s soon. Make sure you act now. This is also about locating it within the already established time of the consumer, whether that means connecting it to a political time arch, an awareness day, a public holiday. The more routed in their time view of the world the better.

How does this look?

Source: Instagram @animalequalityuk

This is a recent Instagram post by Animal Equality. What do you think?

Let’s looks at how it works with EAST.


The post copy explains how to donate, and it’s by clicking a link in the bio. This is good. It should never be underestimated how easy actions like that have to be and in an ideal world, that is too complex as it involves finding a link and leaving the platform. But this is a constraint of Instagram, so this is about the best you can do at the minute.


Yes. Most people, whatever their dietary choices will agree that how that chicken looks is unacceptable and would find the idea of ‘saving’ them from this suffering as an attractive offer.


‘We’ is a good choice of language as it makes the reader complicit, be they a vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater. If you allow room for people to think someone else will sort it, the bystander effect may come in to play – 'this doesn’t require action from me, someone else will hopefully sort this'.

‘your gift will be matched’, this could work with the labour illusion, the illusion that someone else’s time (or in this case money) has been spent which gives the item more importance and therefore could inspire thoughts of ‘well it seems important if someone else is giving money to this too.’ Plus, the potential donator could sense the ‘warm glow’ and bragging rights they can gain for donating as even their small donation will be doubled meaning less pain of loss (loss aversion) for them, with a big ego gain.


This post instructs with the scarcity effect as the potential donator has only a limited time to act.

Using the EAST framework can help make sure that any campaign has covered all of the bases. Of course, the ways in which these can be achieved are vast and that makes for the excitement (and challenge) of communications.

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