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We support organisations in the development of creative & innovative campaigning to tackle the world's most pressing problems.

Our campaigning service can include;

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Idea Creation

Concept Development


Micro-Site Provision

Messaging Development

Asset Creation

Metric Monitoring

"We worked with User-Friendly on two campaigns in 2022 and 2023. What was great about working with them is they understood corporate campaigning and animal welfare and were able to hit the ground running.


Their experience and help in drafting corporate emails was invaluable and helped us get companies back to the negotiating table.

After launching our campaign, they designed creatives for Facebook advertising receiving over half of the total signatures directly from their ads. In the first week of the campaign, 48.72% who clicked on the ads signed the petition."

Mona Oliver - Campaign Director, Animals Aotearoa

Our approach

We are passionate about the power of the creative and are situated with a unique skill combination of marketing and campaigning experience.


Whether organisations are aiming to change opinions or behaviours, drive others towards a more impactful path or encourage donations or pledges, the way in which this message is constructed and disseminated plays a crucial role in how effective the organisation is. Therefore, by bringing together well-researched campaigning protocols and best-practice marketing principles, we can multiply the impact of these communications and campaigns.

Corporate Campaigning

Could your organisation or an organisation you know of, benefit from support with their corporate relations campaigns?  

From needing to workshop fresh ideas for sticky targets or time to explore context specific tactics, to needing a tailored strategic workshop, we have fully-funded resource now available for organisations who are looking for additional support with their farmed animal welfare corporate campaign efforts. 


There are three consultancy models we are aiming to develop and test, all focussed on increasing the number of corporate commitments globally. 

Periodic consultancy calls with corporate campaigns staff to;

  • Brainstorm pivot ideas for sticky targets

  • Workshop new tactics

  • Apply fresh thinking to long-term stagnant campaigns

  • Explore creative avenues for campaign ideas


Supporting organisations by;

  • Running tailored training workshops

  • Training new members of corporate campaigns staff

  • Developing a corporate hiring process

  • Workshopping overall strategic approach

  • Releasing digestible case studies for teams to learn from

Creating a focus group of individuals motivated to explore creative avenues for targeting companies

Please get in touch to find out more and offer feedback or book an initial consultancy call to discuss your needs further.

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Corporate Relatins
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