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Team User-Friendly

User-Friendly collaborates with creative freelancers with a wide range of specialist skills in order to expand our service offering. Some of these individuals' profiles are below.


Leroy Ruiz Facenda

Leroy is an experienced senior digital content lead with broad expertise in marketing, from strategy to social media, brand, display, and influencer marketing. He has collaborated with a diverse range of clients internationally over the past nine years, from large corporations to SMEs.


Leroy is an advocate for tackling the world's biggest challenges and is strongly passionate about climate and sustainability. Having studied media, cinema, and marketing, he ensures that all of his work connects emotionally and commercially with new audiences.


Since 2019, he has been a valuable member of Little Dot Studios, an award-winning digital content agency and media network. Leroy has worked with prominent clients such as Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros, Red Bull, Paramount, KTM, and Audi, helping them grow both their awareness and conversions.

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