User-Friendly is a platform for anyone interested in behavioural economics, consumer insight and communications strategies with the focus on changing behaviour towards more compassionate dietary and lifestyle choices.


Having worked in marketing and communications for a number of years, I have found that there are some basic principles that are scientifically out of date, and yet we still cling to them. Marketing, which is largely based on economic theory can be led astray with simple misconceptions of how people operate, for example, the illusion of the rational consumer, the perception of self-insight and use of captured data without consumer insight.

With User-Friendly, I want to share ideas and research that might help assist all of my fellow farmed animal activists in creating the most change in the most efficient way possible.


The biggest joys of using consumer science and behavioural economics in communication and campaign work are twofold; one - that it really works and has potential to uplift the movement, and two - so often the interventions are incredibly cheap and simple to implement. Win-win!


I see the User-Friendly content as provocations, that could start a new line of thought or interrogation into the way in which we work. I truly hope that you find the content useful and if so, I would love it if you shared the content or reached out to say hello.

Here's to a better world.


James Odene, Communications and Brand Specialist.