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80,000 Hours ad support

The client

80,000 Hours provides research and support to help students and graduates switch into careers that effectively tackle the world’s most pressing problems. They are a Y Combinator-backed nonprofit funded by philanthropic donations. They have online guides, a podcast and job board all tailored towards the current opportunities to work on big and neglected issues, worldwide.

The brief

The success of 80,000 hours relies heavily on effective digital marketing that drives as big an audience as possible to their sites and related projects. The marketing function is well data-orientated and therefore often tests and iterates ad creative based on the most successful creatives. This requires a robust and collaborative approach to iterating work in a timely manner.

Our approach

Using our gained experience and behavioural science insight we are able to generate ad creatives and messaging with a strong likelihood of success, whilst supporting in iterating the assets in a timely manner. We’ve managed to generate substantial volumes of work that performs highly in a repeatable process of collaboration with the 80,000 hours team.


"I’ve worked with User-Friendly on the ad creative for 80,000 Hours’ Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. They produced dozens of creative assets, some working very closely from my specifications, and others that they designed fairly autonomously from open-ended prompts. I’ve found their work to be consistently high quality. [..] On my claim that their work is ‘high quality’: I think it looks good, but more importantly, it performs well at its intended function. I commissioned work from 3 graphic designers and User-Friendly’s work consistently significantly outperformed the work of the other designers."

Bella Forristal, Marketer, 80,000 Hours


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