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Positioning & messaging support


Give Industries came to us for advice on how to improve their branding in line with their mission to donate 100% of their profits to effective charities.

The Client

Give Industries is a commercial electrical services supplier based in Brisbane. They are unique in that they give 100% of their profits to effective charities.

The Brief

Give Industries are a commercial service of tradespeople who also do good by donating 100% of their profits to effective charities. They sit in an interesting space where they want to talk about the excellent service they offer their clients whilst also keeping their do-good mission at the heart of their comms. The brand wasn’t working for them and it was our job to bring this more in-line with their brief, using messaging, positioning and making tweaks to their website so bring this important message to the forefront. 

The Solution

We worked with Give Industries on their brand positioning and developed their messaging in line with their desire to talk more about their profit donations to effective charities. The main work was repositioning how they discussed their giving efforts and produce this boilerplate copy:

"Great work gives back

Looking to make a switch to an electrical contractor doing things differently? At Give Industries, we give 100%.


We give 100% to you, with streamlined services, award-winning safety, and personal customer care. Then we give all profits to charities sparking real change in the world. Yep, that’s 100%"

The Result

We worked with James at User Friendly in 2023 on strategy and positioning, and were incredibly happy with the collaboration and results. James helped us articulate our giving philosophy, delving into our company's ethos and identity, and bringing out a much-needed clarity to our messaging and identity as a profit-donating social enterprise. Since implementing our work with User Friendly, we have received excellent feedback from clients and supporters. As we enter our next stage of company growth, we're so pleased to now have strong foundational messaging and clarity of vision, thanks to James' fantastic support. 


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