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Giving Campaign

The client

Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers. They provide the support, community, and information you need to do the most good with your charitable donations across four different high-impact cause areas.


The brief

GWWC is a large multinational organisation with substantial creative assets requirements spanning multiple campaigns and programmes. They require regular additional resources to ensure that their output is high-quality, timely and message-driven without the entropy challenges of hiring multiple freelancers to produce the work.

Our approach

We support GWWC with a range of services from message development, campaign design and execution, social asset design and ad-hoc graphic design. The output from this collaboration is very efficient due to the long-term relationship we have with the creative team and familiarity we have with the brand. This saves any resource being spent on lengthy briefs, getting up to speed on the brand or concerns with communication nuances for the movement and its work.



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