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BERI Rebrand


We took BERI through a rebrand following a consultation where they expressed a desire for a more professional brand that could attract new applications to their fellowships and increase their likelihood for funding.

The Client

BERI try to help each of our collaborators work more effectively by spending money to support them in whatever way they need to pursue their mission (which we’ve vetted for relevance to our mission). The idea is to make operations faster and more flexible for these groups—not only to make them more directly effective, but also to improve morale by unblocking tasks and projects they care about that are hard to do efficiently through other means (e.g. existing university administration channels).

The Brief

A more professional and approachable brand that felt trustworthy and reputable whilst maintaining the name and sense of prestige that the name Berkley provides. 

The Solution

A smart and nimble brand with a striking colour palette that supports their work.

The Result


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