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New Podcast Branding


Brand new logo and website developed for a leading animal welfare podcast.

The Client

How I Learned to Love Shrimp is a podcast about impactful and innovative ways to help animals, co-hosted by James Ozden and Amy Odene since March 2023. The podcast seeks to cover exciting projects that improve the lives of farmed animals, wild animals or accelerate building the animal advocacy movement. 

The Brief

The podcast needed a brand new and distinctive brand to stand out from the over-populated podcast space. They wanted something fresh and interesting that would work well for an eye catching thumbnail which is crucial for visibility on all major podcast platforms. 

The Solution

James used his design skills to whip up an interested and shrimp incorporating logo which stands out from the crowd. The simple website was made as a landing page for those looking for more information and links directly to the Buzzsprout podcast feed.

The Result

A distinctive and memorable brand and simple but effective website to host the podcast episodes.


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