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Labour for the Long Term Branding

The client

Labour for the Long Term creates evidence-based guidance aimed at helping decision- makers take immediate action with a long-term impact. Their community of Labour members is looking to help the party develop its thinking about Britain's future. They aim to achieve this by holding events with MPs and researchers, producing rigorous briefings and providing actionable policy ideas.

The brief

The client came to us needing an entire branding package for their recently formed organisation. Alongside the logo development, they required social media profile and header templates, a template slide deck, a branded document template and a branded report template. The brief was to create a brand that felt professional, differentiated against the landscape of similar lobbying organisations and politically sensitive to their positioning.

Our approach

We follow our rigorous branding process that is built from a market orientation perspective, with a focus on seeking out the best positioning to achieve both distinction and differentiation. The key challenge to this project was achieving a brand that was clearly politically affiliated with Labour, whilst being suitably distinct. The main target for this organisation is Labour Party MP’s so utilising a red associated with the party colour was also a request from the client.


Our well established branding process aims to produce a brand with the strongest potential for success, starting with the logo and then using this as a springboard into the full suite of branded assets.


Labour for the Long Term are enjoying a successful and distinctive brand.


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